My introductory log-How to start, thats a good question. I couldn't decide on what to write back in March when I first created this blog but now, I think I'll just have to get started, no turnin' back, no backspacing(lie).I woke up late so i couldn't go to seminary today. I'm probably going to fail yet another quarter. Not because I missed today but because I haven't gone a day since January.
We were given a book in first hour the other day, you may have heard of it. 1984. Like most I find this book interesting. But like many before me like little joe the plumber probably opened this book up and read it for his english lit class. It's interesting, the choice of books we as student are given to read. Why would we need to study ideas these half of the time crazy writers have to write about. For instance, what good is it for me to know the details of gregors metamorphosis? Is reading Kafkas story suppose to enlighten me so I become a more useful person in society?
I'd like to think yes on both accounts.
It's generally accepted that a writer has concluded and formally fitted their full concept in their writing. Well unfortuantely for me I haven't quite come to that capability.
For anyone who reads this, with the question what is this person trying to accomplish with these weblogs? Well, it's pretty simple. This is kind of an online journal for whatever I do. Thats pretty loaded but considering one of my hobbies; camera collecting, this could be a somewhat informative blog to anyone wanting to know about whatever kind of camera I find and talk about. This page will also consist of a fair amount of photographic material. Film and digital alike. I wont divulge too much on that subject, instead I'll post photos.