Confessions of a Legally Adult MMORPG Gamer.

I have an iPhone.
I have a sister who insisted on playing with my phone while we were at Johnny Mac's last night.
I now have an addiction.
I spent the last several hours of this Mother's Day on the phone.
I was not talking to anyone.
I was not texting anyone.
I was playing Epic Pet Wars.

I know. It's sad, shameful and an utter waste of time. I could be reading, studying, making a floral arrangement for my mother, but no. I just needed to, I just had to play that game all afternoon.
Its amazing I'm not playing it right now. Probably because I just want my energy to rejuvenate so I can spend it on more experience points.

I told myself several months ago to stop playing the Xbox 360. Luckily I somehow found the power within myself to put down that wonderfully cordless white controller.
A couple weeks later my parents went out and bought a Blue Ray disk player so our home movie experience would be a whole new HDMI experience. They paid like 300 somethin' bucks for the stupid thing. I couldnt let them off the hook with such an ignorant purchase. A day later, there was a Playstation 3 relaxing in the same spot that 300 somethin' dollar waste box had been chillin'. I like to thank my persuasion skills for that one. Unfortunately I don't own any PS3 games. so its pretty easy not to play that little guy. But this game. Epic Pet Wars. It is the only game that has kept a large amount of my attention ever since tiffany downloaded it at Johnny Macs. It certainly can be called the champion of all iphone games. Ask anyone who is at least a level 44 pet with 290,000+ income, a triple digit posse, they'll tell you. I guess for me EPW is the champion of all games. I dont find myself melting away in honor of the all powerful xbox 360, nor does that Japanese black death machine in the family room consume my soul. Epic pet wars really is a beast that will be difficult to overcome. Its always there, always hungry and always begging to be played.