Intervals of Confidence

10:30 pm May Fourth:
Tomorrow I will likely fail at something. No, I mean I am really going to bomb this test. I told myself I'd issue a coin toss in order to either study tonight or just go to bed. Well I have yet to toss that coin.
10:48 pm May Fifth:
It wasn't what I expected. I may not have done my best, but I didn't do so bad. I should I have studied more. Maybe it would have been in my best interest to not skip so many days early on in the year - actually that likely made little to no difference in the end quite honestly. I should have listened when my friend told me to just study. Rather, I chose to write about how I knew I'd fail. If I learned one thing - scratch that, I learned a few things from this little maneuver. First off I learned one way not to spend $86 dollars but more importantly I learned how to commit a little better, to follow through with those commitments, to focus better, to never step down from a challenge. Man I fought that bad boy but it really beat the bijazznits outta me.