The Happiest Place on Earth

Friday morning. About three A.M I was sitting at a table outside in California.
The table was white, metal and the chairs matched. Surprisingly the chairs were quite comfortable and were even padded. However it was dark and I could not tell if the table was dirty or not, however it was quite easy to see on the table a few meters away that it had food left overs residing on its topside but when I began to survey my own table, my attention was whisked away by two very odd people who sat down right beside me.
Ronaldo and Carrina.
I had seen them earlier while I was sitting at the table. When they walked by for the first time I said to myself, Oh look she has cool hair, and he is probably gay. After my initial judgement I went back to my aimless sit-a-thon and table critique.
When they sat down I was a bit surprised. I was saving those seats for my friends. What was I going to do? Would they leave? Would I have to tell them to beat it? where were my friends anyways? I wonder what kind of food is over at that little food joint?
These were all genuine questions until Ronaldo said "Hey you look bored, why aren't you having fun? You're in Disneyland."
I looked up from my chair with slightly tired but wide eyes at him and thought, "Crap he is gonna start hitting on me. I wish hot chicks would come up and ask me these sorts of things."
"Can we sit down? are you saving these seats?" Carrina Chimed in as they turned to sit down in the seats I was saving.
"Sure, Yeah I'm saving these seats." I told them.
"Well we'll leave when your friends get back. Whats your name?" Carrina said.
"How do you spell that? S c h u y l-"
"nope just S k y l a r"
"Oh so do people call you SkylAAAR?" she asked elongating the a sound much like my kindergarten teacher would. "My friend has a cousin named Schuyler." she added.
After a few moments of getting to know the little duo and observing their juice boxes they were fondling Ronaldo began leaning in close to me.
"Ah!" I thought in my head, "He's going to pop me the 'Are you gay' question."
I couldn't have been more wrong.
"Are you rollin'?" He whispered.
What the heck did he just say? I questioned myself.
"Sorry what?" I asked.
"Rollin', are you rollin'?" he whispered a little louder.
I began to see the series of events beginning to unfold now.
Their eyes seemed to be a bit tense now and they seemed to want more out of me than the stale answers I was feeding them.
"Nope, I dont think I am." I answered.
"You're not high right now?" Carrina pipped out.
"No, Im pretty much just chillin' right now. I had a five hour energy a little while ago and well I feel a little tired but I'm wide awake-" I began explaining, right until two more girls with matching hair showed up.
All the girls had matching afro things goin' on but Carrina's was blonde while the others had black hair.
The girls all began to talk back and forth leaving Ronaldo and I with each other to talk to.
"look at my eyes" He said to me. I didn't really want to for fear that he would pull a fast one and I'd end up with more than I bargained for.
"Are they dilated at all?" he asked.
I replied with a simple no.
"They don't look all dark?" he went on.
"No, plus even if they were no one would notice because it's dark out," I told him.
As soon as I finished giving Ronaldo a distant eye exam I looked over to find the shorter new girl with a strange small package in her hand which she was opening. Ronaldo leaned over to the girls and with an uneasy look attempted to shy the girl from proceeding with her actions.
It had, by now become apparent that this little group of kiddos were trying to sell or give me some drugs.
I was a bit interested with the entire event because every person in the park had to undergo a full on pat down before entering the park.
The girl proceeded setting up her line of who knows what- side stepping Ronaldo's warnings by simply asking me, "Hey you're cool with drugs right?"
I replied, "Well I don't do them." I was a bit troubled with how I was to answer them because I did not want the kids to go crazy or somethin' on me.
After the girl finished her snack with her strange tools the group got up and proceeded to leave.
Ronaldo shook my hand "It was nice to meet you." He said.
Then came the snack girl, "Nice meeting you Skylar," she lean down and gave me a french goodbye.
Surprised, I sure was but following her the second dark hair girl proceeded with the same parting gift as did Carrina last.
with as obscurely as they arrived they had left, but oblivious only for a moment was I to the fact that I had supplied all my friends I had been saving the seats for with an interesting show of how I say goodbye to random people I meet.