I was

Busy today. A few hours into work, I blasted my eyeballs with high velocity hot water. It wasn't so bad, I cant say I enjoyed it, but it was quite a different sort of feeling. Lets go somewhere else for a moment. Lets just say, your name is Johnathan Livingston and you're a bird. And lets say you're telling this story-
Flying high in the air is tough work. Everyday is always the same. What should I look at today? Blue sky. No wait cloud. Blue sky and one Stratocumulus perlucidus cloud. What else is there to look at flying around like this all the time? Oh yeah, looky there, down there.
Blue water.
No wait, a fish too! Yum, I'm a bird, I love fish. To eat.
Dive Dive Dive. I'm goin' Im goin', faster faster faster. I'm zooming so fast towards that large body of Blue water. closing in my wings, I look like a feather covered missile.
-meanwhile on a boat a few hundred feet from you a sailer resembling a shaggy haired shoe salesman who left his sweet wife, sold his shoe selling rights for a little fishing boat and set of to sail the ocean blue slowly says, with a hard meager-brained lisp "I think thats a little missile". He then returns to mopping up fish guts off the deck of his boat regretting his shift in professions.
Splashh. (in somewhat slow motion)
Blood, water, bubbles, feathers, fish flaps flopping out of the water as if a sea dweller had exploded underwater and thus projecting its pieces up and out.