Whilst you still have it

Life. Im sick of reading stories built upon rhetorical questions. Im tired of not having an answer to each and every equation one comes upon. Every time I twist my thinking spout on I am instantly troubled. Imagine, a young german boy, who has found a watering spout that upon each use it releases the sweetest water he has ever consumed. However, each time he turns it on the spout sprays several thin streams of the water from the cracked knob in his general direction meanwhile at the mouth of the spout the water gushes downward like many seemingly unkept pipes do. He cannot control these simple laws of physics for a few simple reasons. He does not understand that if the pipe were to be better managed and were to be put to more regular use the fountain of water would become a more refined well kept stream enabling him to fill his small cup with the appropriate measures. furthermore, this special spout is difficult to manage. It constantly soaks his trousers and socks when he turns it on. Plus, it is at such a distance physically from his daily routine that traveling away from his home becomes inconvenient and highly illogical. He travels this distance only for a sip of water. A sip of water can be easily granted from any other place like the faucet in the kitchen, or perhaps the toilet bowl for those less accustomed to manners or are of the four legged type.

When I close my eyes and begin wonder. Music always helps. Not writing works even better to invite that mindset of nonchalant melancholy. If you don't think about the future or who will come after you then you've got some work to do. It's too bad that people in general aren't a bit more idealistic (I dont admit to be idealistic). Call me ignorant. Call me naive. I don't care. Everyone on the planet can complain about something. So how about instead of complain- no matter how lazy special you are, you can still be something. People seem to think they are inadequate. So what. Call yourself that all you want and thats where you'll be all your life.