If you take apart the word photography it basically means to draw with light. There are a lot of little secrets that are learn through the camera. For instance, understanding how light really works. It is quite interesting.
I like to think of light as a baseball game. The atoms (which you are built of) are the baseball players and the rays of light are the baseballs. But there is a catch. Slightly. The atoms are quite simply the best baseball players in the universe. Every time a pitch is thrown they slam the light rays out of the park. These players never strike out. Pretty much every time someone looks at you they are being bombarded in the eyeballs by light speed fast blasted curve balls made of pure energy.
See, light bounces off whatever it comes in contact with. (I'm sure you already know all of this) Things just do not glow out light normally. Anything that releases light, for example that little light on the power button on a Wii console is transferring electricity through chemicals inside of that tiny light bulb sort of thing which causes the chemicals to react. To better understand it think about it as a tiny mass of hydrogen chemically reacting on an atomic level due to the influx of electricity and violently transferring neutrons to another atom so that it becomes another element thus producing light as a byproduct of the reaction. So pretty much every Wii is made with a little sun built-in. Once it runs out of chemical reactions though, it will implode and create a black-hole. I guess Nintendo has a slightly different definition of end-user.