A good one

Typically when a person has a camera in hand bystanders tend to be relatively conscientious about walking in front of the person with the photographic authority. From adults to old fogies to children it seems that this common courtesy is ingrained in the genetic make up of our civilized race.
Well these people were missing that gene in their DNA.
For some reason, when I was at the beach I thought that I had to photograph the sign stating the cliff three feet in front of the sign was unstable. I liked the whole idea but I felt the shot was missing that certain something.
When I was quickly framing the shot and kinda shooting from the hip a couple of hooligans decided to walk not only in front of my shot but they decided to all stand directly in it and on top of it they chose to spend their beach trip observing the gaping drop from that exact position. I was irritated and felt I did not have to tolerate the shenanigans. I snapped off one final picture in order to record their impiety towards my work.
In my actions I did not realize they were actually that little something missing.
What could have been a better addition to a picture representing dangerously unstable cliffs?
A coupla hooligans gazing down them I think.