Still looking for a good tofu burrito joint.

I do have friends. And they trust me.
looking around myself I see a lot of crap, if you will, disorder. Its all a bit shambolic (my new favorite word.) Look at your desk though. I bet its a bit the same. and if your desk is orderly Im sure your mind isnt. and well if thats not disorderly Im sure glad you're reading this. You must be amazing. Either way, I think you're amazing. Ask me why and I'll tell you why. I mean it.
Lets lay this out though. To my left, a Hasselblad 500c/m. That is 3 years of searching. One day it just popped up. and to my right, a Pentax 67II. I'll stop there for a moment just to say wow. wow.
Its been a good run up to this point. Now its time for that final sprint. of course this only meet first meet of many. there will be a lot more final sprints. This is one of the big ones. The record breaker, the personal goal, the glory, the desire, the 18 years 9 months and 21 days in the making sort of a chance. It all comes down to the next 4 months. Four months is a long time to sprint but Im so glad its 4 months, I need it.