I kinda just put something into perspective
Im a photographer because Im not an artist. I just see art, I see the beauty, meaning, purpose etc blah blah in subjects. at lease i think i do. I don't create it. at least i don't think i do.
I took all those adjectives I learned in elementary school and all those words I learned from the few books I read and applied to what I attempt to picturatize. An elementary school teacher told me to never repeatedly begin sentences with "I". Its always bothered me.
I don't know if I'd ever really label myself as a photographer. I just take pictures because I think I know how to. I've managed to finagle all this random photo crap into my ownership. Its about ten grand of stuff. I feel as if I've transgressed, having all that. It'll all be gone soon enough though. wiped away. clean slate. Its been a long time comin'.
Over the last few years I've tried to get into places or go places to take Photographs of stuff. The plans, crazy ideas, have plagued my mind at times, not to mention the failed attempts, mistakes and bull crap Ive put up with. Not that I think its made me a more accomplished photographer but rather I've just been rollin with the flow of, I guess, the way my brain works. Ive come to find its quite independent unfortunately.