some ghetto sleazy lame sauce sexy shoot. yeah i went a little crazy with this one but. I'm typically pretty conservative with photo shoots. don't even say a thing about my tan line. if you do then send me a tanning gift card or paralyze me and throw me in the desert to cook. I was too lazy to clean off the sensor dust marks and definitely nor about to go in a remove the creases on the background paper on each photo. P.S the jaw caught falling in the photo was a total luck.
These masks belong to my brother. i don't know the origins other than i found the skull mounted as the star on a christmas tree back when I got him in march.
These were batch processed in photoshop CS6. I took about 3 seconds to do it so if you complain, so what im not happy with them either. they weren't shot on medium format so what do you expect anyways?

  + tool pic.
yes that is a MAMIYA 1000s 645 with a sick 75mm F1.9 lens in mint condition.