Leicaflex SL Summicron F2

I love this camera but I have to save up for new equipment so this little guy has to find a new home. Everything works. I took the battery out two years ago before I put it in storage. Its rarely been used. everything on it is really nice. the body has no dents or scratches, see for yourself. Its a fine example of high quality camera craftsmanship. whether you choose to shoot or to put this in a clear box up on a shelf this camera will work great. In terms of functionality there is no problems at all. shoot some film with confidence with this camera. 
The real treasure in this is probably the SUMMICRON F2 LENS. it has some age marks on it but nothing affecting function, it focuses clearly and smooth, photos come out as they should. no haze or problems just that standard sharp Leica look.

the cap is just below no worries

Take notice on the photo below. the little light dots on the glass. those are due to age. all the colors and shapes are just reflections and coatings.