mamiya-sekor c 37mm

FOR SALE : 37mm MAMIYA - SEKOR C 1:4.5 No.10010
"The most awesome lens ever"
I don't know why I'm even considering selling this lens because it is so flippin awesome its worth lugging around an RB67 on your back. Hands down this is my favorite lens. Nothing comes close to shooting super wide angle on medium format camera. especially in 6x7 Format. This lens is beautiful and clean, its exactly what you're looking for if you're in the market for the best lens ever. As you can tell my opinion is a little lop sided in favor of this lens but only because it deserves such. I watched this lens for several years at a camera shop til i finally gave in. I rented it. that wasn't enough. I then bought it once i had saved enough money.
google this and some pretty cool examples should come up. 
This lens works perfectly. you will be completely satisfied with it. The photos show this lens exactly for what it is. and it is awesome theres no question, but if you have questions please ask!