This is a Nikon D700
93XXX clicks
body, strap, body cap, 4 batteries, 2 16gb CF cards, card reader, charger, connect to tv cord, and box.

I bought this from an indoor opera photographer in Salt Lake. He took good care of his gear. I have used this camera often for the last 6 months. I love it and im selling it only to help pay my next camera.
this cameras best feature is its full frame 12 megapixel CCD sensor. Enjoy what 35mm digital photography has to offer with this fine camera.
the photos below are as of dec 12th with no post processing. Straight out of an olympus e-5 and uploaded here.

Hot shoe holds your flash nice and tight. 

 Flash is fully function and lever pops with ease. rubber outlet covers fully intact
 Plastic cover in great shape. no discoloration and it stays in place when pushed in
 clean and clear eye piece, its interchangable too.
 clean CF card slot. door has never been broken or replaced
Screen is bright with no pixel problems or software issues. plastic screen shows some wear

 minimal wear on thumb rubber piece. it hasnt started to peel off at all.
 some wear is to be expected. On the flip side is just worn away paint, not dents or chips. The tripod mount has rarely been used. very good condition

 crisp and clear sensor. Beautiful FULL FRAME 
 theres a tiny hair that I shoulda blown off the mirror reflex. its not a scratch
 Tv cable is in the box

+ more batteries + 32gb + card Reader