NIKKOR 14-24mm F/2.8G ED

NIKKOR 14-24mm F/2.8G ED

SUPER NICE and in great condition. Im only selling it because I want a Leica.
Theres a single scratch that you'll see below. The plastic cover shows some wear because its usually everywhere except on the lens, usually because Im shooting. when the lens is not in use it is ALWAYS covered. That Glass is too damn big and protruding for one not to protect.
I bought this from  my friend who's also original owner who sold it because he never used it.
These photos seemed to have turned out really nice, they werent at all photoshopped. The lens is really that nice. if you dont believe me, ask me to take more. 
I love having this lens, its so nice to pull this out whenever. especially useful for events and crazy things. My technique with this lens is to get as close as i can and click my little heart away. it seems to work pretty well.  I highly recommend only using a full frame camera. a cropped sensor would make no sense for this lens. I know because Ive tried with my D300s...

 NOTICE : on the above photo theres a small line that is called a scratch. It affects nothing but your desire to buy this lens for less that what I bought it for.