heres a brief look at what I've done recently and what I plan to do.

2010 -  march  // served a mission
2012 -  march // completed mission
2012 - April - july // work, saved up money to travel
2012 -  july // returned to europe
2012 - August // realized  a second collection of "Les Plaques Noire" in Paris. opened short lived gallery. travel from paris to belgium to vienna. taught a photo workshop in vienna. traveled to budapest
2012 september // returned to paris. shot photos for during fashion week.
2012 october // worked on a louis vuitton photoshoot with olivier zahm. returned home.
2012 november // work, shot photos of Joshua Harris (we live in public, documentary) for an interview piece featured by
2012 december // work,

2013 january // work, participated in podcast dave against the machine (datm), sold and changed camera equipment, car photoshoots
2013 february // work,(datm) will shoot fashion week new york for, car photoshoots
2013 March // work, travel to North carolina to photograph college theatre performances
2013 april // work,
2013 may // work,
2013 june // work,
2013 july //  plans to travel to madagascar to work with Alain kheeroo and his non-profit organization.  this is the most important trip of the year.
2013 august // trip through africa with a photographer i met in belgium. tentative based on availability
2013 september // milan fashion week and hopefully return to Paris for fashion week with purple if i can save enough money and figure out what I'm doing for school

Priorities --
- do more photoshoots and build a portfolio
- work with and build a good friendship
- FIGURE OUT school and how to travel while earning a degree!! someone help me figure this one out!!!
start working towards a degree in anthropology or a humanities type study. Im looking to enter a field that will help me define and understand the world and its cultures.
- buy a hasselblad xpan