My visit Chez-Goldstein

3:34pm Jurassic park gate entrance, quiet, as if you can sense eyes watching your every step.

 3:36 First signs of life, the man himself, dressed in his tennis attire and with a casual tone he introduces himself. Hi, Jim. 

3:37 We walk in the home, with no closed doors but rather walkways. You're in the lieu of residence faster than you can say L.A skyline, rainforest and beautiful ambient light.

3:38 Jim heads downstairs to change while I sit down to get my affaires in order and take a look around on the top floor. keeping it simple as usual, an M9 and 35mm summilux it was this shoot calls for; like most all the other shoots I've been doing lately.
Photos and paintings of himself dab the inner landscape, probably gifts from friends and artists. 

3:40 it would do me well to mention the amount of peace and quiet one finds here.

3:45 As conversation begins we begin to talk about the home and its architecture. From glass sliding rooftops and walls to mirror filled rooms my mind begins to lose itself in all the potential of capturing my subject at as many angles as possible in one frame. The adventure begins as I follow Jim around his life for an hour.