im done trying to connect to others. Its time just to do things on my own, you know, how its supposed to be... since when was uploading your weekend to the internet the highlight of your weekend?
weve forgotten what it means to learn, explore and dream. when was the last time you were able to dream and wish and hope for something?
I remember a time when there were still real mysteries.

no no, there are still real mysteries... let me restate myself, I remember a time when we sought to discover things because we used our free time to dream and imagine things, opposed to looking down at our phones.
yes, this is a phone, internet, connectivity rant...
Im pro internet... obviously. Im also pro self discovery and I feel that if we dont have time to disconnect then we dont have time to move along our paths of life alone. in my opinion its a bit necessary to do things alone.
God, this block of text is gonna read like shit, maybe I shouldnt post it... "fear of offending or ruining my reputation" sort of emotions.

But its not for you that im writing. Im writing for me. I want future me to know how i used to feel when I was troubled as i so am now.
yes, of course troubled. life is troubling but the last thing i need to be doing is checking in on what everyone else in my "social network" is up to.
I've figured out what I want out of life for this segment, I know what I need to do. It doesnt involve being connected on a virtual basis. (yet i am aware of the hypocritical undertone due to the fact that its a blog) // but thats not why i ever started this journal. Its online so I never lose it and can access it anywhere. i just happen to share my stuff to people when I can.

Its a bummer that im a photographer that has to live during the reign of photographers, where everyones sibling or parent is a really good photographer and everyone is buying a great camera...
well let me inform you, thats level 1 and no one really gets past that.
theres a whole world of photography that I would like see myself in. it doesnt include photography in the sense that we as online trolls know it as.

screw it. I hate this block of text. Im gonna publish it anyways.. in hopes that i may someday write better.

so heres to impulses, travels, low-budgets,empty stomachs, hope (which may or may not exist)
and a damn good next little while.