Milan fashion week SS 2014

the story of my first milan adventure.
We flew from london to bergamothen took a bus from bergamo to milan. when we arrived it was about 11pm. we went to mcdonalds. joey flipped the hell out because he was developing a cold sore on his lip and then we walked around the city til we booked a room for 200 euros for our first night. fuck.
the first few days were a little slow. 
but one night,
i was alone at the moschino after party and got so drunk that after the party and after befriending a glasses wearing hat wearing smily bald man I puked in his taxi i got kicked out and passed out in the street til an ambulance (and crew) came and told me i couldnt sleep in the street. i ended up sleeping at the hospital til 7am. days prior i vowed to never again go to mcdonalds. well after walking out of the hospital on a sunday morning i went to mcdonalds and i got breakfast. For some reason, either the lady was awesome or noticed the puke stains all over my shirt and pants, but i got a free mcmuffin. That slightly helped fill the hole that was left after realizing i lost my 200 dollar flash.. last night i gave a rando 70 euros. immediately after i literally had a panic attack. at the moment i have 56 dollars in my bank account.
so those were the interesting things. now for the good things. i made a few new friends.

on another note. im very disappointed in myself this week, and last week. I havent been 100% commited to my work i need to improve my point of view and focus on improving my self proclaimed condescending view of picture taking.

best show of the week. right here. emporio armani

nice bra

everything about this photo is fantasticly nipple

hanne & lil hanne

wixom has a magic face

mr cavalli

love this guy what was he doing there on his bike?