a couple extra rolls of film

our desperate hearts. trying to hold on to what little blood they have left.  its not uncommon, for a heart to turn black, to shrivel up and forget about its purpose. the time stands and watches as heart frees itself of the temperance it once pumped through the veins.

time is lost.

death is given as a final comfort.

forgotten, we turn to dust. only love will live on. we are nothing but particles bound by principles of light.

will you ever see me for what I am? what does it matter. time cannot be split. you are here i am there. forever to be disconnected, to never live together, we were never meant to be. we are individuals. we will never be together. leave me the fuck alone. get away, get out of  my life. you dont belong here. I never want to see you. youre hurting me, your face burns my memories, the flood returns and I drown. so leave. please dont come back. take these thoughts with you. I never needed them. all they do is hurt me. seriously like having fuckin baby cactus's in my pockets and im just trying to buy a soda with my extra change. change that i stole. fuckers.