55 chevy refurb on lift power wash may 15 location, inspiration, mood board part 1 shot on canon 6D zeiss 15mm

monster energy drinks / nos / rockstar / cans all over 
power washing docu // the gun, the gloves the face the spray the grime the noise the engine///
stangin under the car while spraying
standing there, job complete still geared up with water falling all over topless /// 
make up inspired by dry colors and dirty grime crumbs, minimal 
changing tires with the air compressor gun // the air hoses // the dirty hoses sitting on the ground/ everything is clean but in a dried up dirty sort of way// 
water oil rainbows // 
rolled up sleeves like i do // bandana// wet shoes // power washing attire // 
break time sitting on the boxes or mak shift stool //