fuck everything im a unicorn

its time for a new chapter, when you run out of bad things to do and you're left trying to figure out why you're not happy, when you achieve your dreams and youre still not happy. (well thats not totally happened yet, but nothings ever enough anyways so where is one to draw the line), when youre overwhelmed, buried and ripe with anger, when being alone no longer does the trick, when being with someone really fucks your head up, when you hate yourself, when you know you're the only one looking out for yourself, when drugs aren't fun anymore, when procrastination doesn't work cuz no one gives a shit anyways.
Thats when you realize you're fucked up in the head and theres not much hope. Dont bother numbing your mind, it only makes the pain worse, it only begins to pile up. Theres no way to escape, all you can do is deal or kill yourself. most of us are pussies so we just deal. goddamn.
Im sorry for speaking my mind. its not the truth, its just how i feel right now. sorry for the vain words.
I dont hate myself or my choices, perhaps i just have lofty dreams or too high of expectations. but that will probably never change.
a lot of sheet is about to hit the web.