A young man is going to make mistakes.

knowing that ahead of time I just brace for impact and tell the everything to fuck itself

If you're planning to hitch hike to a destination listen to the black keys, its good angry music. Also, the headphones hanging out of your ears will likely help passerbys know that you're just a little hipster bitch trying so hard to be like your hero alexander supertramp. Just give up already, before you even go, do me and all your followers that huge favor.

For those wishing to refuse, just know that your grand adventure will leave you searching your head for any sort of reason that, in some way validates your retarded ass decisions. The best thing you'll probably come up with will be something like, despite it not being the best experience,  I learned a lot about myself, the world, society... bullshit. All you did was waste your time, money (lots of money) and skillfully managed to backtrack on the important things that will lead you to success in life. Oh and that that tan you got, theres a lot of other ways to get tan.

But what do I know, I am literally the dumbass that went to meet a girl off the internet 1200 miles away for a weekend.

please, no props or mad respects. this is not one of those moments. This is that kind of moment when you accept the fact that you just threw yourself in a gigantic pool of shit, so you might as well swim in it, if anything just bask in it for the vast amounts of experience that can be accumulated.

dumb fucking fuck.