text and clouds

memories of the past save me

I havent heard this in so long, its as if im back in that time. my brain resets to a simpler time.

a time when I had hopes rather than memories.
it was a time when I looked forward with anticipation rather than looking back at the things i love slipping out of my grasp one by one. losing and replacing has been the hardest, mostly because ive been losing lately and not finding any sort of fulfillment.

ah yes, thats the word. fulfillment.

Im feeling unfulfilled.

But its all relative, my glass was smaller when i was younger and now my glass is rapidly expanding making it seem like what i had before less significant.

nah thats bullshit.

but still holds somw truth i suppose.

i do suppose.

bed time.

how have i managed to experience so much yet feel even more empty? always searching but never coming clser to the truth... hmph

current mood : not sad, feeling accomplished because i worked all night on the chevy bel air.  a little soul searching, wanting to subdue certain emotions

i never like to repost pictures. these are from france. back in november i think.