i want to write a story about after the end of the world. the story will go like this, people will make a space ship that is run by robots and artificial intelligence that transport humans to habitable exoplanets.

in the story hundreds of light years will pass and finally after thousands of years of traveling ships begin to find habitable planets.

so after initial difficulties in establishing a base on the planets the a.i send out task forces to collect and establish a colony.

the protagonists will be the a.i, there will be male and female a.i

so they get to the worlds and they will birth the human race in colonies. raising the humans to adulthood, teaching and training them with the same cultural upbringing that is thousands of years gone.

many worlds will be established some will succeed and other fail. this will be the story of just one.

i wish i was less ADHD and could actually sit down and write a story about that hah. sometimes i find peoples story ideas on the internet that are like a paragraph long and i make fun of them.. well now heres my chance to be made fun of :D