tonight do you want me?
will you find me?
im not talking to just anyone, i dont want just anyone
m talkin to you. i miss you
i made all this for you
 i hope you like it. i hope you take the time to see it for what its worth. i hope its worth something, even if its just something to you. god it means everything to me if youll just take me in.

our time together was like a painting
the wind blew the grass the golden leaves fell, the waves crashed. you slipped i fell the rocks shimmered with the balken waters on their moss

wish we were there again i wish i could see that horizon again

please just look at me. give me a chance this is everything i have. sometimes i forget all the places ive been but i never can forget why i went.

 I left because i was sad, because i had lost something truly important. I left because i was sure that i would find something. I didnt think id keep losing more.

I havent looked back in  a while because every time i would it made it hurt, for a moment id remember what i had only to be forced to let it go again.

i ask myself what now what did i ever have?

but now when i look back it feels better than the present.

having that much nothing sure was easy. i didnt think  i had any thing else to lose.

i didnt realise that when u have nothing you begin to bury yourself.

dont be afraid, take my hand, youre not alone this is my story and i want to share it with you

i have a voice