we live in Public

we live in a tomb

we live on the roads laid by the dead.

Collective intelligence and individuality have been on my mind a lot. I try to seperate my own ideas from what I have learned from influence by outside intelligence.

I think the best way to understand personality and nature is to look at intelligent animals and how they interact with people.

the way nuture and upbringing play in relationships seems universal with mammals. HAH what am I to say though, what credibility do I have?

Embarrassment and confidence, words to describe emotions. 

emotions can be as tricky as language because to a point, if an individual is dependent on language for explanation and isnt will to leave certain things classified as not yet defined how can you experience new things, maybe youll only be stuck with things experience and yet to experience. new things are what you choose to define.
I find language very limited, emotion is a bit more fulfilling, music helps fill the emptiness, but where is fulfillment. why are there words for things that possibly dont exist?

dont startwith your judgements of me. Im just trying to get something out
I dont know 

I wish this tool would help me express myself but it falls short. 

In any case I really like science. I hope i can learn it better someday.

I have a very difficult time remembering words and proper explanations. but based on previous learning experiences I would say that I probably just need to spend far more time learning science talk and then I will be better. 
Im still so passionate about photography, I cant let the opportunities go yet.
I want to take another leap into darkness. 

at the end of the world youll find what youre looking for

at the end of


ITS time for you to press on

this is not your war

set your sites set your sites

press on press on


this is not your escape

this is 

wash away whats been done to you

jesus christ I was only there three days

I cant wait to go back, I put on my cloak. Im dressed in shining black. The metal is worn. The seams are torn.