drawing to conclusions

what i pass is the passive and the past is what ive past lived.

and ill pass this and ill pass that but ill miss you and what had passed together.

youll be be in my thoughts forever.

Im not scared anymore. I know who I am.

but i still miss who i was and Ill carry his heart as I carry on this life.

His thoughts were pure. his motives clear, he just wanted to find God and then find her. the one he could love forever.

It was almost two years since he had felt a loving embrace. He was living in the 4th district of the second city in the great south. he wasnt alone but was living with an old friend to whom he shared a brief and dark past.

It wasnt the time they passed that they passed together that utimately led him away but the thoughts that stuck that would lead him astray. the actions were forgivable but the motives unchangable. Whats a boy to do when you give him the world and expect everything in return.

What do you do when you take away his love.

What do you do with a boy when you remove what he loved.

What do you do when replace blood with poison.


so he died.

his heart was left to me.

I keep it in a chamber. safe from the filth and lies that run so freely through our minds.

I cant remember the last time we spoke.

its been almost three years since he left.