i think its crazy that now days you can barely be in contact with your friends, or anyone for that matter and still have a significant influence on their daily habits.
kinda we are becoming micro media presenters
this whole social media movement is going to put us in a pretty pickle in a hundred years

i will spend years thinking about a sculpture before i create it. that way i know its good when i make it.

photography just keeps me busy in between.

a sculpture is my words to the worldI

I think the self portrait was one of the most powerful statements. i find it hard to figure out what it will become during this new season of everyone doing self portraits.

we are all create different ways of doing the same things. A bit hard to think about when you begin to question your own choices

so many lives to live. its hard to leave one and enter the next when you want to live in your own dreams.

relying on my future to make my hopes come true, hoping he will consider it a good plan.